Called To Serve

They title says it all.  This past week has been full of enriching spiritual experiences.

Let me begin with the highlight of the week. 

On tuesday evenings, all the missionaries at the MTC head over the Marriott Center in BYU to hear from a church authority.  This week, we got to hear from an apostle of the Lord, Elder Richard G. Scott.  It is incredible how much the Spirit of the Lord testifies of the truthfulness of what an apostle says because there is a warmth in your heart that lingers.  Elder Richard G Scott spoke on the topic of prayer, something that had been on my mind a lot this past week.  As a missionary, a lot of the things that we are required to do requires a huge amount of revelation and daily guidance – from what and how we need to learn (language and scripture), who we find, and how we teach the people we find. 

Elder Richard G. Scott reminded us that our Heavenly Father only wants us to succeed, something that I think a lot of people often forget.  He told us to remember that our Heavenly Father knows our potential, and understands the difficult situations that we need to undergo.  The greatest thing I got from the talk, however, was the way that our prayers are answered.  Although Heavenly Father always answers our prayers, He does it on his own time and schedule, but always in our best interests.  When we pray, there are three things that we can feel:

(1) Peace, Comfort and Assurance.  This tells us that what we are seeking is right.
(2) An unsettling feeling, or a stupor of thought and confusion.  This means that what we seek isn’t right, and the answer is either no, or that it is not the right time. (D&C 6)
(3) No response, because the Lord trusts us to make the right decision.
When he mentioned the 3rd, I was reminded of the times in my life when I felt confused as to why I did not receive an answer to my prayers immediately, and how I went forward in faith, trying to make the best possible decision I could.  I now understand that part of the process of growing and progressing is learning how to think like our Father in Heaven.  Of course, we should always consult Him in prayer first, but we should also remember that sometimes the Lord trusts you enough.
Another amazing experience happened on my trip back from the French consulate in San Francisco.  It is incredible how many times people took notice of my group of 10 missionaries and wanted to talk to us.  We took the early morning 6:30am flight, and instead of sleeping, I spent time on the flight having a good chat with an old man flying for business.  It was really enjoyable.  I even gave the security guard at the French consulate a pass-along card because he was just so interested in the church.  It is amazing how many people want to hear about the gospel.  The trip back, however, was what I loved.  Initially, it was dreadful.  Our flight got delayed 5 hours, so we spent 5 hours waiting in the SFO domestic airport.  This meant that we had to take the train back to the MTC later.  This ride was when the wait felt worth it:
We were in the midst of planning during our train ride, and as I glanced across the aisle, I noticed a woman sitting quietly, looking slightly unhappy.  I felt impressed to ask her how she was doing, and it turned out that she was having a really rough time as she had just undergone a divorce.  She was a member of the church too.  What came to mind was to share with her about prayer from what I learnt from Elder Scott from devotional, and as I bore my testimony, she smiled and I could tell that she was now happier. 
I know that we can all be angels to the people around us.  We have so many opportunities to share the love of our Savior with those around us.  Seize those opportunities because you can truly make a difference.
The Church is true.

Lots of Love, Elder Lam


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