The Final Stretch at the MTC

Our travel plans arrived in the mail today, and in exactly a week, I will be on a plane to Paris, France.  We have one last week at the Missionary training center, and with the number “6” written on our blackboard, my district anxiously awaits the day we drag our luggage bags out of the MTC and into the real world, where we finally get to share the gospel with the people of France.  

Yesterday, for our Sunday devotional, Richard I. Heaton, the administrative director of the Provo MTC, talked to us about prayer.  He pointed out an important quote from Preach my Gospel on page 39: “No one can know of truth without prayer.”  This statement really stuck out to me, because, for the past 2 weeks, I have thought a lot about how I would talk to someone about the gospel if they didn’t believe in God, something that I will probably encounter often when I head to France.  As I pondered, I realized that there is no logical way to explain to someone that God exists.  Yes, we could go on a discourse about the symmetry that lies in nature, and how there had to be a higher power that created these things, but it wouldn’t answer questions of the soul like, “Where am I going after I die?  What is my purpose on this Earth?  Where did I come from?”  All the answers to these questions have to be obtained through prayer… sincere prayer to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.  It might seem like an unconventional process, especially since the world has more and more aligned itself with the phrase: “Seeing is believing.”  Unlike science, or math, we can’t expect our Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ to knock at our door and say, “Hey, I am here.  I have wanted to get in touch with you but you never called.”  We have to seek them out first, and I know that as we do that, we will feel our hearts burn because we have received an answer.  Our lives and our trials are the very evidence that God exists.  He let’s us undergo trials so we can progress and learn to be more like our Savior. 
I know that he has sent angels on my right and left as I have sought him for help.  I know that He loves everyone and wants to help them become who they want to be.  
Well, I have to sign off here.  Have a wonderful week.  I have been so blessed already just by being able to recognize all the blessings in my life.  The next time I write will be in France
I love you all.  Je t’aime beaucoup!
Elder Lam

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