Taking Care of A Part of the Garden

As a bleu missionary, we have the chance to undergo the 12 week program, a truly inspired program that integrates new missionaries to help them become better missionaries who will be able to effective during these precious 18-24 months.  This past week, there was an interesting question posed by one of the missionaries on the “Preach My Gospel: The District 1” video – “How have you taken care of your part of the garden?”  As missionaries, we have been, through inspiration, carefully accorded a part of the Lord’s garden.  He has entrusted us, with a sacred trust, the responsibility to care for a part of the garden.  As the transfer draws to a close, I reflect on the work that I have done during the last 5 weeks, because, at the end of this week, transfers will occur. 
One integral principle I have internalised these last 5 weeks is that missionary work has to be done by the Spirit, whether it be finding through contacting or through looking through the area book, teaching less active members or new investigators, or simply knowing what to do that they.  Everything we do has to be in line with the direction that Heavenly Father has, and we can only know that if we do it through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, the third member of my companionship with Elder Hall.  This week, once again, I was blessed to have more experiences that strengthened my testimony of trusting in the Spirit. 
I was on exchanges this week with Elder Martin, an Elder in Melun, because my companion, being the district leader had to have an exchange with Elder Gram (Elder Martin’s usual companion and my district mate at the MTC).  That morning, we had a lesson at 10am with an investigator, James, a very successful man in his 30s who showed really wanted to learn about the gospel.  He showed up in a nicely pressed shirt, black tie and suit to our rendezvous, something we don’t see a lot.  During this lesson, I was again, reminded that I needed to continue working hard on my French, because he spoke at a lightning speed, and use really complex French words.  In all honesty, I probably understood 20% of what was being said.  Nevertheless, even with that 20%, I was able to testify plainly of simple truths of the Plan of Salvation, and I could see his eyes light up when he realised that he was once with God in his premortal existence.  It was great to know that even though I couldn’t express myself well, I was able to testify, and that the Spirit testified of the truth to his heart as well.  During his prayer at the end, he said that he had felt that the message was true.  What a blessing it was to be a part of that lesson.  After this lesson, we had to rush back to the apartment as we had a train to catch before we made exchanged back our companions.  Along the way, we passed a man pushing a stroller, something out of the ordinary, because we usually see mothers with their strollers.  A thought came to my mind that we had to talk to him.  I thought nothing of it at first, thinking that it was only because of the strange combination that he stuck out to me.  But once again, the prompting came and so I ran back and talked to the man.  It turned out that he had attended our Church, though he was not a member, when he was living in Minnesota.  In our rare English conversation with him, we learnt that he had just moved back into Melun.  We invited him to Church, set a rendezvous, and got his number.  This was a great testimony to me that promptings of the Spirit have to be acted on.  I know that we would have lost the chance to bring another family to the gospel if I had not made that move.
So follow the spirit in your daily endeavours.  Pray for direction and look for opportunities that will increase your sensitivity to the direction of our Heavenly Father – serve, love others more, be a better friend, read your scriptures, and fill your life with things that edify you.  The Church is true, the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and I am blessed to be a part of the great work of Happiness.
Till next mail mes amies!
Bon Courage,
Elder Lam

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