A New Transfer

Christmas is around the corner, and the town of Evry has begun putting up Christmas decorations.  There is nothing like Christmas – cold weather (unless of course you are in Singapore where it is even warmer during Christmas time), Christmas music and the wonderful thought of presents.  I think back to the many Christmases that my family would spend together, from the traditions of eagerly waiting to open up our presents at exactly 12 midnight on Christmas day, and then there is the great annual dinner where friends and family come over to our house for turkey and stuffing, and ice cream log cakes.  Over the last few years, Christmases were spent overseas, sometimes on planes, and this year, with my sister now married, and me on a mission, our family will be spending our Christmas apart.  Nevertheless, the love is still there, and thanks to technology, we will be together… online!  Missionaries get an hour if skype time with their families on Christmas day and I am definitely looking forward to that.

This weeks biggest piece of news is transfers!  I will be staying with my companion Elder Cutshall for another transfer, here in Evry.  I have really grown to love the members here and especially the investigators that we have found these last 2 transfers.  In many ways, being here for another transfer is a huge blessing, especially with 5 of our investigators having baptisms over the next 4 weeks.  This coming transfer is going to be a great one.  I am already excited to begin the next 6 weeks.  A new missionary will be coming to our apartment and I am looking forward to that.  Bleu missionaries just have so much faith, and that is when miracles happen.

Probably the greatest miracle this week was with one of our investigators Tristan.  We met Tristan months ago while contacting people on the street.  Tristan has a sincere desire to find out if God really exists, and the purpose of life.  He has been meeting with us consistently over the last 3 months and he has truly grown in his faith.  This week, Tristan told us that he had felt great peace as he prayed for help each day for help with his examinations.  It was the first time he had ever felt anything from prayer, and he was really excited to tell us his experiences.  As missionaries, all we can really do is our best to guide and lead our amis in the right direction to finding out answers for themselves.  A relationship with our Heavenly Father is truly personal and it requires effort and desire – for some, it comes quickly, and for other, it takes a lifetime of searching.  But, always, the answers come, sometimes, at the times when we least expect it.

In other news, Elder Cutshall and I went to the Louvre for our Preparation day last week!  Definitely one of the most fun things I have done.  Funny part is, we met 3 mormons on our way out.  I guess Mormons really are everywhere, and, it is never hard to recognise a missionary.

Well, till next time and for all my friends dealing with exams now, All the Best!

The Church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Elder Lam


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