Joyeux Noel… Well, Almost

1st week of the 3rd transfer and all is going well.  Elder Cutshall and I continue to work well together and the greatest part about having a companion for the 2nd transfer in a row is that you already know each other well enough to be able to know how to work effectively and efficiently together and how best to have fun together. 

Many miracles have happened this week.  Both very similar in nature, because they have to do with testimonies. 

Tristan, the ami that we have been working with for the last 3 months told us at the start of our meeting last Saturday that he had something exciting to tell us.  He said that he had been praying for help with his studies because he was unable to focus his mind on the work that he was supposed to be doing, and needed help to know how best to study for his examinations the next day.  He said that after he prayed, he felt a sense of peace and the idea come to him that all he needed to do was to simply read and understand his notes for his communications class rather than memorise the particulars.  The next day, during his test, true enough, the details of his course were not tested, rather, his understanding of the materials.  He said that he received the inspiration and the help that he needed from our Heavenly Father and it was the first time that he had received an answer of any sort through prayer.  What a breakthrough!

Nicolas, another one of the amazing amis that we have, also realised during our lesson on Saturday that he did, indeed have a testimony that the Book of Mormon was true.  He said that he had felt a strong burning feeling in his heart when his friends bore their testimonies during the Youth Conference for the French LDS youth.  It was something that was incredible, because through the scriptures we shared that day, and through the testimonies that we bore, we were able to guide another person to a personal testimony themselves.

In Christmas news, yesterday was Zone Conference, spiritually inspiring and very uplifting.  We were taught new ways to contact people and knock doors during this time of the year.  We are going to focus our testimonies on how Christmas and the birth of the Savior has blessed our lives…. and we get to Carol!  We also had an amawzing Christmas dinner with everyone else and the secret santa gifts definitely made the event an exciting one.  I gave away a small recipe book on 30 different crepes recipes and received 25 snickers, mars, Lions, and Twixes in return.  It is going to be a very chocolately Christmas.

Merry Christmas All and a very happy new year!

Remember the true meaning of Christmas – a time for love, sharing, giving and remembering the incredible gift we have of the Savior, who has made it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father again!

Joyeux Noel!




Yep.  Mona.  Lisa.  As you can probably see there is the persistent flock of people that made it difficult for me to have get up close

(Picture Gallery updated)



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