6 Months into the Mission: Could Life Get any Better?‏

It has been a while since I last wrote, and many many things have changed in the last 2 weeks.  This transfer, I am finally in the Paris Cental Zone, with the other Mandarin Speaking missionaries.  I was called Sunday night before the end of the last transfer and given the calling to be the district leader for the Paris St Merri District.  I am excited and humbled to have this opportunity to serve the missionaries to a greater extent and to help the missionary work here in the heart of Paris grow.  Though I have the simultaneous task of learning all the Mandarin Gospel vocabulary, continuing in the pursuit of better French, getting to know an entirely new ward of members, and fulfilling my duties as a district leader, I know that Heavenly Father will be there to guide me, for “The Lord qualifies whom He calls.”

Missionary work now has a largely different “air” to it.  The mandarin Elders here – Elder Kwang, my companion, Elder Coulombe, and Elder Cottle, have a great spirit about them.  We all stay in the same apartment and there is much joy and laughter in the house.  The Elders are hardworking, motivated, and really humble.  I am just so grateful to be here.  In fact, the greatest blessing these couple of weeks has been my companion, Elder Kwang!  Elder Kwang and I actually go way back to when I lived in Singapore.  He father was my young men’s president when I was attending the Woodlands ward and to have grown up and known Elder Kwang, and now to serve with him, makes it such a blessing.  He is also really singaporean and chinese, which is a really refreshing change, especially for my first transfer in the Mandarin Speaking part of the mission.

I have also had a couple of special vistors these last few weeks.  The Covert family, who were attending the Stanford First Ward while I was at Stanford are now here while Brother Covert is teaching and taking care of the Stanford Students on their Exchange Program here in France.  I had dinner at their home yesterday (which happens to be right next to the Eiffel Tower!) and it was just so great to spend time with them and catch up a little on what has been happening in the “world I once lived in.”  My MTC teacher, Frère Smith, also showed up this week!  He is one of the special people in my life who really influenced the way that I viewed my mission.  I was so glad that I could meet him, and speak to him in French.  To think that he was my teacher when I spole 0 french, and now being able to speak to him, 6 months later.  What a miracle! 

Well, time is short and I have to go.  The Church is true and the mission is a miracle.

Till next week!  A Bientôt!

Elder Lam



The Evry Team of Missionaries – Me, Elder Twede, Elder Cox and Elder Cutshall


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