Transfer 5‏

First week of my 5th transfer here in Paris and it is interesting how I have begun to feel a little more “acclimatized” to being a missionary.  There is no longer the fear or the doubt that once existed.  Now, it is all about what my companion and I can do that would best help us to fulfill our purpose as missionaries – ” to invite others to come unto Christ…”  As it is with the start of every transfer, missionaries have to first do their transfer planning and set transfer goals.  Vision is so important in every aspect of missionary work, and even daily life, because with a vision comes increased faith, diligence, vigor and desire.  Elder Kwang and I sat down at the start of transfers and decided that although we were teaching many lessons a week, we had to be even more effective with our time each day.  This will require us to put a more concerted effort into planning the best possible daily activities each day.  We have seen many miracles in the last few days, and I have seen how much my capacity as a missionary and a person has expanded just because we have decided to be more careful with our time.
This transfer has also seen some changes in our apartment – while Elder Kwang and I will be staying together for another transfer (yay!), Elder Ganjanakrit, a Thai, mandarin-speaking missionary is now with Elder Cottle.  It definitely changes the atmosphere in the house alot, especially with regards to the food – Thai green curry, mixed stir fry… I do not think that there is a meal I have had that has not had rice since he got here apart from breakfast.  It is nice to live the Asian lifestyle again.
Miracle for the week, a member from the middle east came in with his 35 year old brother asking for him to be baptised next week.  Apparently, hey all grew up in a LDS family in the middle east and could not get baptised because there was no branch or ward in the country because of the law.  He had only an hour yesterday before they had to go on the train and had to be taught all the lessons within the hour.  By some miracle, sitting with the brother, the member and I taught the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Commandments in the short amount of time.  I am sure time slowed down because lessons usually require a few hours even if they are being taught as simply as possible and having to cover every detail.  Although we will still have to wait until next week to see if he kept the commitments that we gave him, I was just in awe at how what seemed impossible was made possible.
I am loving every moment of my mission.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the only true church with the fulness of the gospel restored.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and that He will guide us if we choose to let Him.
Till next week!

Elder Lam


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