A Journey Paved with Miracles

Miracles are happening everyday when you are in the shoes of a missionary.  At the end of every week, we get the chance to send in a summary of the number of lessons that we taught, the number of new amis that we found… and it is always a good period of reflection.  Now that 8 months have almost passed (isn’t that quick?) I am becoming increasingly more careful with the way that I spend my time.  There is just so much that we can do as missionaries, but as always, when what we are doing is in line with what Heavenly Father’s will is, we see incredible miracles. 

At the end of last week, Elder Kwang and I had a baptism.  We started teaching Yousef, a 21 year old student in France from Gaudeloupe when I first moved to Paris 3 months ago, and to be able to see him progress and become spiritually ready for baptism was a blessing.  His friend, Francois, baptized him, and yesterday, I confirmed him in sacrament meeting.  Through his baptism, once again, my testimony that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real was confirmed, because, after his baptism, he could not stop telling me how happy and free he felt deep inside.  He said that it was a happiness that he had long searched for and struggled to find the words to express the profound sense of joy and liberty that he felt.  Yousef had gone through a difficult time during his life in Guadeloupe, living amongst unfriendly company and drugs and cigarettes, but as we continued to teach him, the change in his countenance changed each time, and he seemed to find his sense of worth as he began to realise how important being a child of God really was.  The gospel changes lives, it has changed mine, and I am grateful to be able to bring this to others around me. 

Although we had a baptism last week, Elder Kwang and I had struggled a little bit trying to find people to teach.  On the day of Yousef’s baptism, we decided to fast to ask Heavenly Father to guide us more in our work, because although we were working hard, we needed the extra direction.  In fact, our entire district was suffering a little in our efforts to find new amis that we could begin teaching.  So, we decided during district meeting that we had to change the way that we were contacting people on the street.  With the directive to focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in view of Easter, we also decided that we would pray for each other each morning and for the amis that we were teaching.  We decided that we would share the miracles that we saw each day that we were finding through Easter contacting, and quickly, we started feeling more motivated to find and more happy in our daily finding.  At the end of this week, our district found a total of 17 new amis out of the 4 companionships and Elder Kwang and I set a baptismal date with a really solid ami – Roger. 

I have a great testimony of the power of prayer and fasting and the way that faith can change missionary work.  I love missionary work and I love being on a 2 year journey paved with miracles. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has the fulness of the gospel restored.  I know this with all my heart. 

Have a great week and until next time!  A Bientôt!

Elder Lam


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