A Miracle from a Balcony‏

Moving to Torcy, from the centre of Paris was a huge change for me this past week, and in the beginning it was a bit of a culture shock.  I was used to having lots of people around me all the time, and a lot of meetings with good progressing investigators, some days so many that I did not even have time to put dinner in the schedule.  My first morning in Torcy, when we headed out for a day of contacting people on the street, the streets were so barren.  There were only about 5 people that I could see at any one time, and coming from a place where I was used to talking to and being rejected by hundreds, it was a little bizarre being presented with so few options.  Nevertheless, Elder Coulombe, my companion from Quebec, and I went forth and did what we could.  It was incredible because, as we looked for every single opportunity to share the gospel, we found people who were willing to listen.  That day, despite the few numbers of people on the street, after contacting for the entire day, we taught a total of 7 lessons.  That was the most number of lessons that I have ever taught in one day in my mission. 

Whilst still adjusting to the new-ness of everything, and feeling like I had just come off the plane from the MTC (Missionary Training Centre), I found myself praying to Heavenly Father throughout the day, asking Him to put people in our path, people who would be ready to receive the gospel.  Two phrases came to mind – “Wherever you are called, the work is the same” and “Do all you can, and Heavenly Father will do the rest.”  I was definitely blessed with the encouragement and the inspiration I needed to continue on doing the best I could.  There is always a reason as to why we are placed in a certain situation, and if we would but pray to our Heavenly Father for a confirmation and an assurance that we are where we are meant to be, He will comfort us in times of need.

Because the area that we are working in is new – i.e. the companionship team that Elder Coulombe and I are now working in has only been open for 6 weeks, we are really trying all we can to build a good pool of investigators.  This week, one of the coolest miracles actually happened in the lowest points of the week.  For the first time since being here, we were supposed to have meetings with 2 families who had been taught and accepted to meet with us again.  Unfortunately, one of them did not want to meet with us again because the wife said that it was not the same church that she had grown up in, and the other, just did not show up.  Well, I knew that Heavenly Father could not have possibly sent us to 2 places just so that we could be presented with failure, so we looked for as many opportunities as we could to share the gospel.  We ended up finding a young boy and his sister on the balcony of their apartment, located just around the corner of our home.  I asked the boy if we could speak to his father or mother, and he went in to call her out.  She came out speaking to her son in English, and seizing the opporunity to speak to her in her own tongue, we spoke to her in English, finding out that she was actually from Britain.  One thing led to another, and we taught her a lesson, from her balcony, and were able to pray with her afterward.  She invited us to meet her family this coming Wednesday.

Imagine preaching to someone standing at their balcony.  Weird huh?!  It was the first time for me, and it was a great testimony builder for me to realise that there are always opporunities for success around us.  Are we willing to seek those opportunities out and find the miracles?

By the way, one of my best friends, Matthew Rameson, who was sent home because of sever back problems, has finally been able to head back out on his mission!  I am so grateful for his sincere desire to serve the Lord and I know that people have been prepared for him. 
I know that Heavenly Father has called me as a missionary.  I know that this church is true, and I know that people are truly being prepared, because the Lord has hastened His work. 

Till Next Week,

Elder Lam

District photo - KungFu Style

District photo – KungFu Style


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