Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength‏

Perhaps the most exhausting week on my mission thus far.  There were many many things that we had to do – prepare a Zone Conference for our Zone, prepare a training for our Zone, go on an exchange, and continue building our new secteur.  I definitely felt the fatigue in my legs on Thursday, but the miracles were endless.  I guess that is what life is all about, going the extra mile everyday to see the miracles.  Because last week was equally busy on Preparation day, I was unable to write, but I hope that this week’s update will lift your spirits.
For the past two weeks, Elder Coulombe and I have been given opportunities to do service.  Perhaps service like painting or helping someone pack things in a box come to mind.  Well, that was my idea of service until last week.  Last wek, we helped a member dig a trench around the corners of his garden to prevent the roots of trees from another property coming in.  And with the soil being clay-ey and full of roots, it was definitely a workout.  Again, this week, we were asked to help a member re-terrain the backyard of his new home.  We had to change the slope of the backyard, which was sloping towards the house, to it sloping away from the house.  3 hours after Elder Coulombe and I and another companionship of Elders got there, we were 3 shades darker from the sun, sweaty, earthy, and very much sore on our backs.  Nevertheless, having had the time together to talk and share stories, we had a great time.  Therein lies another lesson I have learnt once again this week – as we change our perspective of the work that we are doing, and find the positive in it, what is hard becomes enjoyable. 
As I mentioned earlier, Elder Coulombe and I were charged with the task of having to prepare zone conference and and give a training to our zone.  As newly called Zone Leaders, it was a little frantic trying to make sure that all the food would be bought, all the interviews for the missionaries would be arranged well so that they would be able to make their train, and most importantly, that all the missionaries would leave the Zone Conference feeling edified and inspired.  Every missionary comes into a conference feeling different, some in high spirits and sometimes, many more in low spirits because of the difficulty of the work.  However, as soon as they are reminded once again of the miracles that they have seen in their own lives, and feel the Spirit of the Lord testify to them again of the greatness of the work that they lovingly give, the spiritual batteries are once again recharged.  Well, I can say for certain that I definitely left the spiritually recharged that day.  We encouraged the Zone to remember to use the Atonement daily in their lives, and to remember that all they really needed to do was to give their best – their heart, might, mind and strength.  I have learnt that Heavenly Father always waits to see your dedication and your faith before the miracles come.  And that is how I have been able to carry on my mission with ferveur and fire, and expect the miracles daily.
Finally, to end of, I was able to attend the baptism of one of the amis that I had the opportunity to teach for 6 months.  I still remember how defensive and unaccepting of the Book of Mormon and the Bible, because, coming from a Bhuddist background, she did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ or our Heavenly Father.  However, she always came back to meet with us because she knew that there was something special.  The spirit testifies of truth, and it is so true that it is through our testimonies that people can change, because the Holy Ghost always testifies of truth.  So, we have to strengthen our testimonies daily.
Well, that is all for this week.  Keep strengthening your testimonies!

Elder Lam


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