5 Days in the Apartment = Recommitment‏

This week was a very different missionary week for me.  My companion, Elder Coulombe contracted Bronchitis and severe ear infections in both ears.  He had a fever that was 103degrees Farenheit/ 39.3 degrees Celcius, which meant that he was in need of serious rest and we could not head out to do regular missionary work for 5 days.  After being so used to heading out of the house and working as hard and efficiently each day, it was a huge change for me to be left at home sitting without any people to contact, or anyone to teach.  Furthermore, because the area that I am working in is so new, all the potential investigators that were found over the last 3 months were called within a few hours, which left me much time to do some personal reflection and studying.  I was really grateful for the opportunity I had to dive into the scriptures, especially the Bible, and do some evaluating as to where I was as a missionary after my first year. 

One of the talks I got to read was “The Fourth Missionary,” and it has grown to be one of my favorite talks to date.  It talked about how there are 4 different types of missionaries, and whilst all may do the same work, only the 4th missionary is truly changed by his mission expériences.  The key was that the 4th missionary gives his whole heart and will to the Lord. He is consecrated to the work he is doing, and as such he is led and changed. He leaves behind all other worries and was entirely focussed on missionary work.  I realised how much I needed to be absolutely devoted in mind and heart to the work that I am doing.  After all, each Elder only gets 2 years, and that, in retrospect, is not a lot of time.  There are thousands of people around us each day, and whilst we may be harvesting for the souls who are prepared, to harvest right, we need to be engaged totally in what we are doing.  That day, after reading and studying the talk, I prayed and recommitted myself to my Heavenly Father.  Each day is a gift, and that is why it is called the present.  The Present must be used well,
I feel that this does not only apply to missionaries, but applies to everyone in general, whether school, work, or a sport even.  Are our minds and hearts really where they need to be when we are doing something?  Or are we in a different place?  I guess that simple principle sets apart those who are truly great from those who are just good. 
Lastly, to conclude, here is a little quote that I stood out to me
“When you have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others.”
Most of us have these gifts, and coupled with the present, what good will we do today?
I know our Heavenly Father loves all of us dearly.  He knows the concerns of your heart and will answer your prayers.
Just another day being a missionary

Just another day being a missionary


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