Just One Door‏

This week was perhaps one of the most miraculous weeks of my mission, so miraculous that just the thought of this past week makes me smile.  As you recall, my companion, Elder Coulombe was sick last week, so we had to get into full throttle this week and find new investigators that we would teach throughout this transfer, and we were definitely led this week.

One of the greatest miracles this week happened on a very typical morning.  Elder Coulombe and I headed out the apartment at 11am, as usual, to start contacting people.  In the midst of searching for some divine guidance, we found ourselves on a path under a canopy of trees.   We were just walking trying to find the next person we could talk to about the gospel, when I noticed a house with blue windows on my right.  “That’s pretty cool,” I thought, and for some reason, I thought, “perhaps it would be great to knock on that door.”  Well, my companion was already a couple of steps ahead and I watched to see if he had the same inspiration to knock the door of that blue-windowed house.  He did not seem to notice the home, and continued.  Thinking it was just me, I decided to catch up to Elder Coulombe.  And then, again, I had the same impression to just knock that door.  There was nothing to lose, so I called Elder Coulombe and told him that we should just knock that door. 
We got to the front porch and saw a little buddha outside on the porch.  Expecting an asian buddhist to open the door, I was shocked when a french woman in her 50s opened the door.  We presented ourselves, telling her that we were missionaries, and that we were here to share a message about Jesus Christ and the plan that God had for each of us.  She replied, kindly rejecting us, that she was a preoccupied for the moment because her mother had just passed away the the day before. 
“It’s funny that you came today, because my mum just died yesterday and I am not even sure what going to happen to her,” she said.  “There’s just so much on my mind right now, the funeral and all the arrangements, and I am now on my way to see the priest.”
We testified of that families really could be together forever through Jesus Christ, and a warmth came over all of us.  It was really one of those special moments when you know that you are in the right place at the right time.  We asked her if we could come back another time and share our message, and if we could leave her with a prayer. 
She told us that she was never religious and that she did not even know how to pray.  She invited us into her home and we said a simple prayer together.  After she opened her eyes, she asked, “Are you… messengers from God?”  We told her that we were missionaries that had received a special calling from our Heavenly Father, and telling her the story of how we ended up at her door, she was sure that we were. 
Closing the door after we walked out of her home, she said, ” I know that you were sent here for me, from God.  See you next Wednesday.” 

We smiled and walked, in absolute shock of how miraculous an incident it was for us both.  Elder Coulombe and I said a prayer to thank Heavenly Father to have been led here, and I was just full of gratitude for being able to be there for someone who needed some comfort at a difficult time.

Honestly, we never really know whose lives we will change each day.  If I had not followed that prompting, we would have never been there.  It is so crucial that we are always trying striving to be in tune with the spirit each moment.  Just one door.  Through small and simple things, truly, great things come to pass. 
I know that the Lord guides this work each day.  I am grateful to be a missionary from my Heavenly Father. 

Do good. 
Elder Lam

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