Transfer 10 Begins‏

It’s now double digits.  This transfer is my 10th transfer on my mission.  Typically, Elders who learn a language at the Missionary Training Center serve a total of 16 transfers, which really means that I do not have much time left.  Every minute is precious.
For transfer news, I will be staying here in Torcy as Zone Leader, and will get a new companion, Elder Cardon, who has been serving as Zone Leader in another area for the last 3 transfers.  I will definitely miss Elder Coulombe.  We saw a lot of miracles together and with him, my vision and expectations of the mission increased, and now I am more certain than ever that our faith will determine the success that we can have during our mission.
This week, our Zone did really well.  As it is with the last week of the transfer, it tends to be a slow week because missionaries are typically tired as they hit the end of the transfer.  On the contrary, however, from my experiences in the mission, I have realised that the effort that we put in during our last week of the transfer can really determine how fast we hit the ground running in the upcoming transfer.  Knowing this, Elder Coulombe and I decided that it would be important to set a goal for the zone, to find 1 new baptismal date and to have at least 2 progressing amis before the end of the week.  As it says in the Bible, “… without a vision, the people perish.”
Slowly, throughout the week, we began seeing miracles emerge from each companionship.  Elder Coulombe and I had to travel to Reims to conduct a baptismal interview for an ami who was progressed well to his baptismal date.  But that was not all, on the way back from Reims, we received a phone call from the missionaries in Luxembourg that one of their amis, who had received all the lessons and had been coming to church for more than a year, had suddenly told them that he was ready to be baptized… this week!  So we got to go all the way to Luxembourg (6 hours travel both ways) to conduct his interview.
At the end of the week, 5 new baptismal dates had been set, and though some of the companionships, including ours, tried hard but were not able to fix a new baptismal date, it was exciting to see the miracles occur.
Elder Coulombe and I had incredible experiences this week too.  We traveled to another ward to give a chinese ami a blessing in mandarin, and found out that we would be able to teach her since she actually lives in our area boundaries.  We also had the chance to work very closely with our members this week to help integrate Marie Cecile during for her baptisms.  She is still going strong and steady.
I wonder what lies in store this 10th transfer.  With every end, there are new beginnings, exciting challenges waiting to unfold, and countless miracles ready to be found.
I know that each day that I am out in the mission field, I am doing the Lord’s work.  God truly does live; He is our Heavenly Father, and I know this because I know He listens and answers my prayers each day.
Don’t forget to pray.

“When life gets tough and it’s hard to stand, go to your knees in prayer”

A la semaine prochaine!
Elder Lam

In front of the Metz bullet train station (TGV Gare) on Transit from Luxembourg

In front of the Metz bullet train station (TGV Gare) on Transit from Luxembourg


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