An Opportunity to be an Instrument‏

It has been an incredible week this week, and of all the greatest blessings a missionary could have, I had the privilege of listening once again to General Conference.  So many wise counsels were given, and I was definitely greatly enriched by the great inspiration that I received.  Once again, through the Holy Ghost, I received a testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s church today.  President Thomas S. Monson and the apostles truly are called of God.

First up, my new companion, Elder Cardon is awesome.  He and I really get along well, and we work very similarly as missionaries, which really helps us do things effectively and harmoniously.  He is from Utah (who would have guessed? haha), Ceder City, and he has just reached 19 months on the mission.  He will probably finish his last 5 months in this mission here in Torcy.

Well, to share a really cool experience that has strengthened my testimony of the Priesthood… that truly, the power and authority of God is on the earth today.  Two weeks ago, my companion and I were called by the Sisters in Nogent to give a blessing to one of their amies in mandarin.  She was an amie that the sisters had found when they were knocking on doors.  Their amie, Stephanie Wu is a 64 year old taiwanese lady who has been living here in France for 44 years.  She had a great desire to know if God really was there, and the sisters had been teaching her for about 6 weeks.  However, when they discovered that she was acutally living in the boundaries of our ward, and that I was a chinese speaking elder, they invited me to give her a blessing of comfort.  She had been depressed and heartbroken because of the death of her husband since he passed 2 years ago, and when she had heard about the possibility of receiving a blessing, she said that she would really like one.  So, we went down and gave her a blessing, and talked to her a little bit about the gospel subjects that she did not quite understand.

Well, this week, we had the opportunity of meeting with her again, along with the sisters, so that they could pass her to us.  It was incredible because she had such a light and joy that she did not have before.  She told us that since the blessing, though she still had the memory of her husband’s death, she was comforted, and knew that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, she would be able to be with him again.  We fixed a baptismal date with her for three weeks time, and she came to 2 of the general conference sessions.  This morning, she called to thank us for the joy that we had brought to her.  The priesthood truly is the power of God that is there to bless the lives of all of God’s children – all of us.  It opens the gateway for us to receive added strength and help through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  As a missionary, I am merely and instrument, and what a blessing it is to be able to change a person’s life for the eternities.

Missions truly are miracles for the lives of missionaries and the people that they meet.  Everyday is a possibility to bless the life of another, and every decision can lead to an eternal change.  As President Thomas S. Monson said, “Decisions Determine Destiny.”

What decisions will you make this week to bless the life of another?

The church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

A la semaine prochaine,
Elder Lam

Torcy District Picture

Torcy District Picture


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