Les Miracles de La Semaine‏

This week was perhaps one of my favorite weeks here on my mission.  It was yet another hectic but incredible week, where I had the privilege of doing 2 exchanges and seeing one of our amis to baptism – Stéphanie!  For my companion and I, if there was one thing phrase that came to mind often this week, it was, “Did I even sleep?”  One of the joys of being a missionary is having to deal with fatigue, and though I have had the chance to swim and exercise for approximately 20 hours a week for about 12 years of my life, missionary work does come close to a normal week in the pool.  As one of my friends on the mission, Elder Coffee, once said, “The greatest work requires the great effort.”  And the joy that comes is beyond anything I have ever experienced in this life.  True fact. Just as my dad said, “It is alright to be tired as long as we are not tired of missionary work.”
One of the greatest miracles for me this week was being able to do an exchange with Elder Johnson, one of the Assistants to the President.  From the start, we were packed with Rendezvous: first, a member present lesson with Stephanie, where my chinese was put into good use translating back and forth between the four of us, followed by another super spiritually charged appointment where the spirit was strong and we were able to set a baptismal date, and finally, ending off the day with a recent convert lesson.  Even in between appointments, we were talking to people on the bus, and we even taught a lady on the train.  There was literally no time wasted – our fishing lines were in right until we returned to the apartment.  But what made the exchange such a memorable one was the fact that Elder Johnson and I were able to really share personal expériences from our missions thus far.  I learnt that while it is important to be the most effective missionaries that we can be during the day, sharing testimonies and miracles with our companions could really amplify the spirit with us through the day, and bond friendships.  It made me reflect on the type of conversations that we have with our friends and family, that when we are together, we should take the time to listen, help and strengthen one another.  You might just have the answer to someone’s prayer.
Stéphanie did get baptized!  And it was so wonderful to have the missionaries who first found and taught her attend her baptism.  Having the other sister missionaries there made me realise how instrumental each missionary is to the eternal progression of each person.  While we do not always see the fruits of our labors, we can be sure that as long as we have strived to do our part with all our hearts, no effort will ever go to waste.  Her son was there and even though he was not formerly interested in the gospel, he told his mum after that he was sure that there was something special and that he too wanted to have this happiness in his life.  Seeds are being planted everywhere we go.
I hope that you will all remember how loved you each are, no matter where you are in life, and in whatever circumstance or trial that you may be facing.  Our Saviour’s hand is ever stretched out to receive and help us, all we have to do is to reach out too.
The Book of Mormon is truly the word of God.  It changes lives for the better everyday.
A la semaine prochaine!
Elder Lam
My Companion, Elder Cardon, at the Arc de Triomphe

My Companion, Elder Cardon, at the Arc de Triomphe

When Elder Kwang, who is now the district leader in Paris, came over to give, our ami, a baptismal interview.  From left - Stéphanie, Elder Chen, Me, Elder Kwang

When Elder Kwang, who is now the district leader in Paris, came over to give, our ami, a baptismal interview. From left – Stéphanie, Elder Chen, Me, Elder Kwang


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