Christmas Miracles and A Call‏

When there is Christmas, there is always a special spirit that lingers.  There is a warmth in people’s hearts, simple acts of kindness are more common, and everyone seems to be happier.  This past week, Elder Cardon and I noticed that even in our home, there was an excitement, a special profound peace, and a lingering feeling of happiness.  There were no presents waiting to be opened,
no christmas tree in the apartment, yet the feelings were exactly the same as in earlier Christmases past.  There is indeed, a true spirit of Christmas – the spirit of Christlike Charity ignited in the hearts of all people.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came out with the worldwide Christmas program – #ShareTheGift.  And here in our mission, we have been talking to people about Christmas and what it means to them, singing carols for families at their door (and sometimes even on the street), and getting member families to share the website,  There were many great christmas miracles that Elder Cardon and I saw this past week, and here is just one.

Elder Cardon and I had a short period of an hour in between 2 appointments that we were to have at the church with our amis.  Puzzled as to whether we should use the time to have dinner or head out and talk to some people on the street, we prayed and decided the latter.  We walked a little, talked to a middle aged man on the street, and ended up singing for him and leaving him with a little prayer.  We continued, walking all the way to one of our favorite door-knocking areas, because it was so near our church.  Unfortunately, because I had been working there for 6 months, there were many doors that we had already knocked.  Nevertheless, we were led to a new road.  We didn’t have much time, so we decided to knock on just one street of doors.  Second door opens up and a mother and her children open up.  We asked them if we could sing for them, a short Christmas song, and the mom and children agreed.  The children smiled as we sang to them, and even though we weren’t the best of singers, everyone was happy at the end.  Her children even clapped.  We asked the mother if we would be able to pray with her and she told us she did not know how to.  So, we were able to teach her how to pray and it was a special experience for her and her children.  I have thought a lot about how prayer has helped me in my life, and it has played a crucial role to my knowledge of who I am and helping me find the solutions to my problems.  I am grateful that we can all speak to our Father in Heaven when we most need to.

Well, the week abruptly changed with a phone call on Friday at 5pm, when I was surprised with a telephone call from our Mission President.  He extended me the calling to be one of the Assistants to the Presidents (AP) and yesterday, after saying my goodbyes to the family that I had come to love in the Torcy Ward, I was in Versailles 2 hours later.

I am still learning what my responsibilities are, having been here in the Mission office for about 24 hours now.  But I know that if I am loving, leading and serving in the Lord’s way, I will be well on my way to being a good instrument for the Lord in blessing the lives of all the missionaries of the mission, including my own.  I was greatly humbled to receive this calling, and as I prayed and sought Heavenly Father’s direction as to how to fulfill this calling, I felt a confidence and peace enter my heart.

I hope that you continue to bless the lives of those around you during this special period of Christmas.  Remember the first gift to the world – our Savior Jesus Christ.

I know our Heavenly Father and our brother, Jesus Christ live.

Till next week,
Elder Lam

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