The Newfound Dynamics of a New Calling‏

Perhaps one of the craziest weeks I have had on my mission.  It has been a while since I have had to fill many different roles at within a short space of time.  I remember being at Stanford, and having a ton of things to do – projects from many different classes, heading out to swimming practice, and then helping out the Resident Faculty as one of the House Staff members.  This week has officially been my first week as an Assistant, and there has never been a dull moment.  We went to pick up the new incoming missionaries from the airport, brought them on the train where they contacted for their first time ever and gave out a Book of Mormon, planned and conducted a training for them, went back to the mission home, planned and organised for the upcoming Christmas conference, picked up the missionaries going finishing their missions, brought them to the airport, planned a training and then trained the trainers, and the list goes on.  Simply put, other dimensions have been added to my responsibilities as a missionary, and while my schedule may be a little more packed than usual and my preparation days shortened a little, I am loving the challenge and the dynamics of being an Assistant.

Just to tell you a little bit about my new companion, Elder Christiansen.  He is from Orem Utah, and is the youngest of 4 children.  He is in his 13th transfer and has amazing french for someone who never had any french education before his mission.  We have been working really well together – things have been going by really quickly and we have been completing the milliards of tasks that we have efficiently, effectively and happily.  Definitely excited to be serving with Elder Christiansen this transfer.
One of my favorite spiritual experiences this week was taking the “bleu”s (new missionaries) to contact for their first time ever on the train from the Charles de Gaulle airport to Chatelet.  The bleus were invited to France with their first ever “pain au chocolat” and then given the challenge to talk to someone on the train and introduce the Book of Mormon to them, and give it away.  Being there with all the bleus brought me back to my very first contact on the train more than a year ago.  I remember feeling incapable and afraid because I had no idea where I was and had no clue about what anyone was saying to me.  All I could say was “Hello, my name is Elder Lam and I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  And to think that I can understand almost anybody, it makes me so thankful for the progression I have had with the language and with the fears that I have overcome of talking to everybody.  So, along with all the bleus, I jumped right in and sat down next to a man with his baggages.  After talking to him for a while, it turned out that in fact, I was talking to a professor from Hungary.  We talked a little about semiconductors (one of the most exciting topics I have talked to someone about on my mission since I left school), and from one story to another, I was able to present the Book of Mormon and teach him about the Restoration and Joseph Smith’s first vision.  He had met missionaries in Hungary before and because of the good impression that he received from the Elders back then, he accepted to listen.
I learnt that very moment that truly there is no work that goes wasted.  We never know the magnitude of the impressions that we leave with others.  I thought about the thousands of people that I have talked to on my mission, and I know that while I might not have been able to teach every single person I have met, somewhere down the road, another missionary will find them prepared.  Never underestimate the impact that you can have on others!
With Christmas around the corner, we asked our mission to send us any texts of miracles that missionaries have found since the beginning of the week, and our phones have been beeping constantly with the overwhelming number miracles that missionaries have been finding.  There is so much excitement in the work of the Lord during this special time of Christmas.  What miracle will you find, and how will you change someone’s life this Christmas?
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know that there is truly no greater happiness than finding ourselves in the service of others.
And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellowbeings ye are in the service of your God
– Mosiah 2:17
A la semaine prochaine!
Elder Lam

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