Our Missionary Purpose and a Miracle‏

I went on another 3 exchanges with zone leaders this week.  I guess one of the perks of being an Assistant is having the opportunity to travel around the mission to see the different areas where the missionaries work.  One of the greatest blessings, I have seen, is the opportunity that I have to work with some of the greatest missionaries in the mission, and learn from them.  If there is anything that I would take away from this week, it is that there Heavenly Father has indeed called us to be in the mission for who we are – with all our weaknesses and incapacities.  With all the Zone leaders I was with, there were no two missionaries who were the same.  Even though the principles that they taught were the same, and their approaches were similar, everyone had their own style of working.  On the other hand, the one thing that remained the same between them was the desire and sincerity that burned within them.  The spirit that they brought with them to every single person they talked to or taught was strong, and I knew that they were not here on a mission to merely finish 2 years of “doing missionary things,” they were here on a mission because they knew in the depths of their hearts, the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the positive immediate and lasting changes it could have on other’s lives.  They knew their missionary purpose, “To invite others to come unto Christ…” and because it was a part of them, the Spirit testified of the truthfulness of the things they said.

I have reflected a lot on that this week – what truly is my missionary purpose.  I have come to know what I need to do, I have the light bulb, but what else do I need to do to make the light bulb shine?  And the answer is simple – putting our heart into it – a principle that applies to any facet of life or work.  As we put our heart into the activities that we are engaged in, we desire to improve, to learn and to be better.  We are conscious of every decision that we are making.  We are actively involved.  I believe this is the difference between merely being good, and being great.  And as we ask Heavenly Father to help us in the tasks we have to accomplish, while actively engaging ourselves in it, we become more aware of our thoughts, of the divine inspiration and encouragement that comes to us.  He becomes a part of our team.  I know this to be true.
So, will we be active agents for change in ourselves?  Will we help our Heavenly Father help us make us our best selves?
For my miracle of the week, if I had to choose one of the many that I had the opportunity to be a part of this week, it would have to be a Mdm Lai, a chinese lady that Elder Christiansen and I encountered 5 weeks ago on our way to the office from our home.  Mdm Lai crossed our paths twice in the last week.  We had given her number to the elders in Paris because she lived closer to the Paris St. Merri ward, but because of her busy schedule working here in Le Vesinet, she had never had the time to meet them.  She came up to me this Tuesday as my companion for the day, Elder Sumsion, and I were talking to someone else, and said, “We really need to meet!”  So we fixed a meeting for that very evening.  Because I am the only one in my companionship who speaks Chinese, we asked David Babin, President Babin’s son who had served a mandarin-speaking mission in Montreal, to accompany us.  That evening, as we sat in a cafe near our home, we taught her the about our Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families.  It was clear in her countenance that she really wanted to know if what we were saying was true.  She knew that there was something out there, and she knew that there was more to this life than just working.  It was incredible for me to see how people truly do search for added meaning to their lives, and how Heavenly Father places us in their paths so that they can know their loving Heavenly Father.  That night, she accepted the invitation to be baptized.
Miracles happen everyday, but whose miracle will we be today?
I know the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith and that God continues to reveal His secrets (Amos 3:7), just as he did in olden times, to his chosen prophets in these latter-days, because He values and loves each and every one of us.
A la semaine prochaine!
Elder Lam

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