Lost and Found‏

Another transfer week full of incredible experiences and memories.  One of my favorite parts about the calling I have as an Assistant is the opportunity that I have to see the start and the end of the mission in a matter of a few days.  It is always a little strange, because it puts me in perspective as to where I was at the start of my mission, and where I would be at the end of my mission.  The mission is truly a time of great change, and it is so evident in the eyes of the missionaries who return home that there is a special light and life that the mission brings.  I have mention this before, but I am so grateful to have been able to co

me on my mission and to have had the opportunity to meet such great people.  I have never met so many young people who have just had pure goodness in their heart – nothing but a pure desire to be better and to help others.  I am so grateful to be a missionary.

Because I do not have much time this week to write, this letter will be a little more brief this week.


On the board that hangs in front of my desk, there is a picture of Jesus Christ and a boy, sitting on a bench, and having a conversation.  The picture is titled, “Lost and Found” by Greg Olsen.  Jesus Christ, with great concern, and in a loving manner, turns Himself fully to the young man, seeming to wait for him to open up and tell him where he is going and what he plans to do.  We do not know where this young man is going, we do not know where he is coming from, but we do now that at this very instant, Jesus Christ is there.
It is interesting to ponder on how, at one point in our life or another, we have found ourselves on either side of the bench – as a representative of Jesus Christ, just listening with great love and concern, hoping that a best friend, family member or companion would confide in you so that he would find the direction he needs; or as the young man, sitting with hesitation and wondering if Jesus Christ would give us the direction that we need.  I know that on the mission, I have been able to sit on this bench several times a day, sometimes as Jesus Christ, and sometimes as the young man.  There have been times when I have had to help the amis, or my companion find their direction.  At other times, I have sought in great earnesty for an answer to my prayers, only to find that my companion or another missionary, member or leader, was there to counsel and give me advice.  Whichever side I found myself in, the feeling has always been the same – one of great humility and love.  It is through humility and love that we, the comforter or the one in search of comfort, are able to be edified together and are both uplifted and enlightened to carry on and to keep up the good fight.
I know that our Savior Jesus Christ loves us.  I know that He holds no regard as to where we have been, because through his sacrifice, we can start anew. start fresh and get back on track to the road that our loving Heavenly Father has carefully planned for us.  There is nothing greater than seeing the gospel bless the lives of the people around me.  And as my mission president hopes for all of the missionaries in this mission, I can confidently say that my mission has converted me, for the greatest conversion on a mission takes place, not in the people a missionary teaches. but in the missionary himself.
I love you all, and look forward to seeing you soon.
Elder Lam
906 – consecration hill with the bleus
935 – Elder Wood and I – one of the greatest missionaries I have met
936 – Elder Alexander, a fellow apartment-mate and friend

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