Steering through Transfer Week‏

This past week was transfer week, and as always, with the incoming and outgoing missionaries, and the transferring of missionaries, and the mission council training that we prepare with the President, we may try to be as prepared as we can, but there will always be something that does not happen quite as planned.  I have learnt a huge lesson since being in the office as an Assistant that can be summarized simply in a phrase that Sister Bousseau, a sister missionary in the office, used to say often, ” On fait avec…”  which translates literally to “we’ll do with.”  When things go wrong, or don’t quite work out as well, the best thing we can do is to be problem solvers.  I personally believe that the more we are able to become problem solvers, the more things will work out.  No one can predict the waves or the winds at sea, but with skill, the sailors are able to navigate and steer the ship in the direction they need it to go.  Thankfully, I can say that my companion and I were able to steer the ship in the right direction and get it safely to shore this week.

We had the new missionaries arrive on Tuesday, and as is always pleasant to see, they were bright and full of enthusiasm and faith.  After giving them the traditional welcome “Pain au Chocolat,” we all headed out on the train to give out a Book of Mormon and gathered at the church.  In fact, one of the missionaries, Elder Fonua, who arrived this week happens to be the brother of one of my friends at Stanford!  It was cool being able to meet him as well.  There were several funny instances with the bleus as well.  One of them was when one of the Elders, who had been selected to lead the missionaries in reciting “Our Objective” instructed the missionaries “Lavez-vous” instead of “Levez-vous” which translates to “wash yourselves” instead of “stand up.”  I love being with the bleus because it always brings me back to the moments when I was completely clueless when I first came to France.  I have really learnt so much since my first day, it is incredible to see.
One of my greatest highlights this week is my companion, Elder Hall, who has surely brightened up the mood here.  Elder Hall is a great ball of good energy, always full of great joy and who can find the good in almost any situation.  That definitely helped us a lot this last week when the week became a little more stressful with the planning that we need to do.  Though we were tired, we had plenty of laughs and fun.  While planning the mission council the thursday night before it was held, there was a point where I asked myself if we would ever be able to complete all that we had to do.  For the first time in a long time, I felt like once again, I was back in school, wondering if I would have to pull an all-nighter.  We definitely had to kneel down and pray to ask for some guidance from Heavenly Father because there we were lacking direction as to what we needed to present to the leaders at mission council – we had an idea, but it was not clear how to go about it in a way that would inspire and teach them effectively.  It was crucial that they would be able to translate that to the district leaders and ensure that the other missionaries received a correct idea of what they could do to improve themselves as better contacters.  It took a while but the inspiration came.  Prayer is something I am definitely grateful for.  While the road may be foggy, prayer is like the headlights that will help us find our way.
Have you thought to pray this week?
I know that God will answer all our prayers.  Because He answers mine all the time.
Love you all, and till next week!
Elder Lam

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