Transfer 16: The Penultimate Lap‏

So, I guess this is where the time on the mission starts feeling short.  I am now in my 16th transfer on my mission, the very last one before heading home, and it is a little weird to imagine that I have already spent that much time on a mission, because being a missionary is no longer something that comes simply with wearing a plaque, it is practically who I am today.  What jogged my mind to this reflection was seeing my Stake President from back when I was in the Stanford 1st Ward.  President Wilson was the Stake President who did my interview before I submitted my mission papers.  He used to live here about 20 years ago, and attended the Versailles ward – the ward that I am now serving in.  President Wilson showed up last year when I was serving in the Paris St. Merri ward, and to have him here again was a great blessing.  It reminded me of all the blessings and the progression that I have seen in myself since coming on my mission.  Missions are great not merely because of the change you see in others, but also the changes that one sees in himself – a change to become more like Christ.

This past week, was a week filled with planning for the upcoming transfer.  With President and Sister Babin, we spent 2 days praying, thinking, and discerning with our best efforts where missionaries should go for the next transfer.  It is always a difficult task because there are so many missionaries each with their unique strengths and needs, and coupled with the difficulties and dynamics of each sector of the mission, it is a delicate process.  But I know that the Lord does have his hand in these decisions, and we always find the perfect solution with the help of the Lord.  With that, we also came to a conclusion as to where I would finish my mission:  I have the great privilege of finishing my mission here as an Assistant and to continue to work with the amis who I have grown to love during the past 4 transfers.  I know that there is something special that I will have to do in these last 6 weeks, and I am excited to give my all to the Lord’s work in this last penultimate lap.
One of the most special experiences I had this week was teaching one of our amis, Jennifer, who we have taught for the last 6 weeks.  Because she has absolutely no religious base, teaching her is a little challenging because we have to ensure that we are using vocabulary that would help her understand.  Often, we assume that everyone understands the jargon of the gospel, and often, we end up confusing people more than helping them if we are not aware.  Jennifer has been progressing really well with her baptismal date for the 12th of July, and she told us that she has really felt a difference ever since she has gone to church.  She said that she felt a profound sense of peace and even though she does not completely understand the gospel, she knows that Jesus Christ is real and that He loves us.  This made me realise how important it is for us to feel more than think when we are trying to make huge decisions in our life with our Heavenly Father’s help.  Answers always come through feelings, and it is by being honest and sensitive to what we feel, that we will understand what the road we have to take.
I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that contains the fulness of the gospel today.  I am grateful to be a missionary.
Till next week,
Elder Lam
President Wilson and I

President Wilson and I

With Elder Bayer outside the Liege Train Station

With Elder Bayer outside the Liege Train Station

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