Transfer 16 Week 1‏

Compared to the last few transfer weeks as Assistant, this past
transfer was a lot calmer and less stressful.  Elder Hall and I have
now gotten used to the grind of multitude of tasks that happen in
these short 5 days, and it definitely helps greatly that we make a
good team.  I am so grateful for my companion, Elder Hall, who is able
to balance the rigor of our calling with a couple of good jokes and
laughs.  A laugh or two definitely helps lighten the load – after all,
Heavenly Father sent us here to live a happy life, so we might as well
have fun going through the trials and difficulties of our daily lives.

One of the highlights of this past week was being able to pick up the
new missionaries.  As I have most probably mentioned in earlier
emails, seeing the new “bleus” always reignites my faith and fire to
be a better missionary.  This group of 7 missionaries was by far one
of my favorite groups of new missionaries, mainly because of the pure
faith and strong desire to be do the work of the Lord.  One of the
sister missionaries in this group, in particular, was really
incredible.  She is the only member from her family and came on her
mission because she had a burning testimony of the gospel.  She
actually  first got to know the church from her high school friends in
California.  She told me that she had always felt good around her
friends and strongly felt the joy that each of them illuminated, and
knew that it was because of the way that they had been living their
lives.  She began taking missionary lessons, and decided to be
baptized, and though she had to wait until her parents approved of her
decision, she remained faithful and eventually did after her birthday.
To think that she would come on a mission even though she had not much
family support really made me reflect on how wonderful missionaries
really are.  While we may all be from different backgrounds, and have
had different lives, sometimes, very different lives, we all have the
same goal – to bring others to the knowledge of the gospel.  When I
first asked this sister if her family members believed in God, she
smiled and we said with great enthusiasm, “not yet, but they will!”
She reminded me of my very own dad, who, although being the only
member of the church in his family, decided to go on a mission.
Reflecting on my life and the life of my family, I know that his
decision to go on a mission really blessed our lives for the
eternities.  Thanks dad!

This week, I also attended my very last mission council.  This mission
council was indeed a very monumental one as well, because it is the
first time the we will be introducing iPads to the entire mission.
The idea of using iPads as a tool for missionary work was first
introduced a few months before my mission, and after 2 years, iPads
have finally become a reality.  We now have 2 hours of online
proselyting time each day, and have access to using Facebook as a way
to talk to people about the gospel.  Honestly, we are all pretty
clueless as to how we might best do missionary work through the
Internet, but we are going forth with faith anyway and trying all we
can to use this inspired tool that our Heavenly Father has inspired
men to create.  I’ll let you know when I find my first ami online.
Also, because we need to keep the mission focused on their missionary
objective, to remember to remained focused on their proselyting areas,
we won’t be able to add family and friends from home on Facebook for
the time being.

My short miracle for the week occurred yesterday.  I decided to fast
yesterday for the strength to finish my mission really strong, and it
turned out to be pretty challenging.  We had initially planned to head
to visit our ami, brother Staikovski just an hour before we would
return home for dinner.  Unfortunately, because regular buses were not
in operation on Sunday, we had to find different directions and
different buses to take, and because of the unfamiliarity of the
journey, we took a wrong turn and found ourselves totally lost.  In
long sleeves and under the surprisingly scorching sun, we trekked the
streets of St. Germain trying to look for this precious bus stop.  We
eventually found it, but were about 30 minutes behind schedule.  I
just remember thinking to myself, “well, I guess I won’t be eating
anytime soon.”
We arrived at the Staikovski’s home, ready to introduce the Book of
Mormon to brother Staikovski, and while it initially started like a
normal lesson, halfway through, both brother and sister Staikovski
broke down in tears telling us how difficult it was for them to handle
Soeur Staikovski’s terminal illness.  A scripture from the Book of
Mormon from my personal studies a few weeks ago came to mind, and it
was such a tender experience seeing the scriptures comfort them.  I
was grateful that I was able to be there for them at a difficult time
in their lives and see the power of the scriptures manifest in their
lives.  I was grateful to have fasted just so that I was able to be
more sensitive to the promptings of spirit so that I could find the
words to help some of Heavenly Father’s children in need.

I am grateful to be a missionary every single day, and I know that the
gospel truly blesses families and can bring anybody peace in any

Je sais que Dieu vit et qu’il nous aime.  A la semaine prochaine!
– Elder Lam

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