Miracles and Blessings

What an incredible week it was.  I have been blessed with more and more beautiful experiences as I come to the final lap of my mission.
I am getting ready to head home, and while it might take some mental and spiritual preparation for the next phase of life, I am soaking up
every minute of this blessing I have to be a missionary.

For the past few weeks, the zone leaders here in Paris have been discussing an initiative – to construct a 2meter tall Book of Mormon,
to place it in the middle of Paris, and to have the 20 missionaries in our zone contact people about the Book of Mormon and to hand them out.
Well, this past week, this initiative was made a reality.  A 2 meter live size “Livre de Mormon” was constructed and all the missionaries
in our zone met up for lunch, before heading out with a 100 Books of Mormon to give out.  After a short prayer, asking Heavenly Father to
help place those who were ready for the gospel, we began.
During the space of 2 hours, all the missionaries were busy talking to people.  I, for one, was talking to people non-stop during these 2
hours, and I taught more than 10 people about how the Book of Mormon could respond to their personal questions.  One of my favorite
experiences from this short activity was an Atheist man who had received the Book of Mormon from the missionaries at the beginning,
went to a McDonalds to have lunch, read 9 chapters of the Book of Mormon, and came back to my companion to tell him that he now believed
in God because he was really moved by the words in Lehi’s dream in Chapter 8 of 1 Nephi, and now wanted to be baptized.  This conversion took just 30 minutes!  There was even a man who I talked to who began saying that he was not interested, and then, after talking to him about his life goals and his personal spiritual experiences, he realized that he did indeed believe that God was there.  We prayed with him and set an appointment to meet him again. So many incredible miracles happened during those few hours.
We also got invited to President Babin’s home to eat yesterday and it was such a great experience.  The whole family was there, and there
were President Babin’s grandchildren as well.  It was great to be there because it reminded me so much of when I was in Evry during my
second transfer.  We were invited to his home to eat, before he was called as mission president, and I remember that being one of the
turning points of my mission, because it was a difficult period of my mission, where I questioned whether the work I was putting in was
really helping anyone.  In the end, being at his home, and seeing his wonderful family, made me realize that eternal families is the result
that we work for.  We go out, presenting the Book of Mormon and talking about Jesus Christ because of the blessings that it brings for
the family, and for us individually.  Yesterday was a great time of reflection and reminiscing.  I am so grateful for the light that the
Babins are for the mission, and the examples that they are.
Well, that’s all the time I have for today.  This is my second last email home, and I can’t wait to tell you all about the great experiences that the Lord will give me for this final week.  The mission is a blast!

I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the word of God, and that the blessings of the priesthood are here on earth again and that
they are real.

I love you all!!!

Je vous aime tous et je suis content et ravi de pouvoir vous voir encore.  Passez une très belle semaine avec pleine de miracles!

– Elder Lam

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