While I may be away for the next 2 years, I will still be contactable for the duration of my mission.  In fact, receiving mail from friends and family can often be a great source of inspiration and motivation, and I would love to hear from you every now and again.

Missionaries can now receive emails from both family and friends, so drop me a quick message if life ever gets boring or exciting at:

Alternatively, if you, like me, still enjoy the simple pleasures of the old-fashioned exchange of letters, you can write me too.  During my stay at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah until September 17, 2013, my mailing address will be:

Elder Parker Wei-Xiong Lam


2009 N 900 E Unit 163

Provo UT 84602


After which, my postal address will vary from time to time as I am assigned to different regions around France, but they will always be updated here, and on the home page.  Mail sent to the mission home, however, will always get to me, though it will take slightly longer:

Elder Parker Wei-Xiong Lam

France Paris Mission

23, Rue Du Onze Novembre

78110 Le Vesinet


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